The Birthing Project Clinic

Peach Tree Announcement Made by Wendy Petko and Greg Stone

Greg Stone, CEO, Peach Tree Health and Wendy Petko, Executive Director, The Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc.

We Are Now Part of Peach Tree Health


We are happy to announce that CCHWB Women’s Health Care Services is now part of Peach Tree Health ( We’re at the same location at 19th and T Streets in Sacramento with the same providers and the same family-friendly service.

Under Peach Tree Health, we will be providing more services to women and their families including primary care, pediatrics, and other specialties. We’ll also be upgrading our scheduling system, electronic medical records, and insurance processing. All this means better service for you!

Please visit the Birthing Project Clinic on Peach Tree Health’s website for a complete description of the Birthing Project Clinic and to learn more about Peach Tree Health.

Wendy Petko
Executive Director
Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc.

Greg Stone
Peach Tree Health