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The Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc. provides a variety of support services for women and their families.  To learn more about our offerings, please visit.


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Black Mothers United is a free program that offers support and education to pregnant African-American women of Sacramento County. The program pairs expectant mothers with a Personal Advocate who will be available to provide support and guidance through their pregnancy and up to 4 months after baby is born, connecting mom and family to much needed resources.Black Mothers United


We have also recently partnered with Peach Tree Health to provide comprehensive health care services to women and their families.  Please visit Peach Tree Health’s website at for a complete description of their services and to learn more about Peach Tree Health.  We’re both at the same location at 19th and T Streets in Sacramento with the same providers and the same family-friendly service.


Are you eligible for free services? Click here to find out!