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LPC Consulting Associates, Inc. (“LPC”) has been desiging and implementing evaluation studies of community based services since 1994.  LPC’s philosophy is to use evaluation as a platform for building capacity of nonprofit organizations and public agencies, using data to drive decisions and to integrate systems of accountability for program development and continuous quality improvement.

In August 2010, Center for Community Health and Well-Being, Inc.  (“The Center”) engaged LPC to support their efforts to improve organizational capacity for data collection and tracking of client information for The Center’s clinic, The Birthing Project Clinic.  With seed funding from the Blue Shield of California Foundation and Sutter Memorial Hospital, Sacramento, we accomplished the following:

What began as capacity building initiative expanded exponentially and exceeded our original plan and budget.  Despite this challenge, The Center and LPC continue to pursue this project for the explicit purpose of putting to use data that is already being collected, that is not used for any evaluation purposes, and that represents a vital source of information about how CPSP services impact positive birth outcomes.  In the end the CPSP assessments are used by case managers to respond to the needs of pregnant patients, who are largely low income and/or who need additional support throughout their pregnancy.  The database and reporting we proposed will make this information available for multiple other purposes and for ongoing capacity building and sustainability of the CPSP services.

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