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Every year, the average Sacramento region household donates 11% less to charity than the average national household. This means reduced services from organizations (like ours) already hit hard by budget cuts.

Through early research, GiveLocalNow discovered that Sacramento regional residents, as a whole, are less likely to give and donate fewer dollars than the national average. In fact, only 62% of households in the Greater Sacramento Region give to charities and only 63% of those donations go to organizations that help those in our communities.

Center for Community Health and Well-Being, Inc. has partnered with GiveLocalNow because we believe the Greater Sacramento Region can do better— and with your help, we will. GiveLocalNow seeks to educate and inspire our region to give more, give local and give now.

As a local nonprofit, we value all donors, large and small, and thank you for your continued support. We believe that philanthropy is an active process that has benefits for the giver as well as those who receive. Please visit www.givelocalnow.org to find out more about this movement and how you can inspire those around you to engage in local giving.

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