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Cottage Housing, Inc.’s mission is to develop healing communities that are solution-focused, participant-driven and strength-based, where homeless people help themselves and each other through their transition from the streets to self-sustainabiliy.

In April 2011, the Center for Community Health and Well-Being, Inc.’s Leadership and Empowerment Institute for Girls and Young Women partnered with Cottage Housing to launch a 12-week Relationship Series “pilot” program at Serna Village, representing the first installment of a new partnership. A second, comprehensive program commenced in October 2011. Developed for pre-teen and teen girl residents at Serna Village, this program is also open to other participants from the general community.

This program has already made significant impact in the lives of the participants, as well as in their communities and the lives of their families. Through our evidenced-based model, in addition to our unique approach to program facilitation, this partnership has changed the way these young adults feel about themselves, their futures and their life goals. Ultimately, they have demonstrated that through action and cognitive understanding, anything is possible.

As one participant said after the pilot program, “The best part about this program was the whole thing, from start to finish. It helped me build up my self-esteem and helped me be comfortable in my body.”

David Husid, CADCII
V.P. of Community Development
1726 Professional Dr. Sacramento, CA 95825
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