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Academy of Dreams is a risk prevention and youth leadership program for girls and young women ages 11-18. The program’s primary objectives are:

  1.  Increase high school graduation rates
  2.  Increase knowledge and exposure to future professional and academic options
  3. Reduce teen pregnancy rates, and
  4. Increase understanding of healthy relationships.

The program encourages healthy lifestyles through the development of self-awareness, confidence-building, community service, and activities that
empower young women and promote leadership skills. We partner with local schools and transitional housing projects to ensure that our programs exist in the communities with the greatest needs.

Academy of Dreams Apprentice (12 to 13 years)

The first in the series, the Academy of Dreams Apprentice program is intended for 12 to 13 year old girls to help transition them from their early teen years into high school.  This program will introduce the strength of dream statements and the fundamentals of defining goals and planning for their futures.

Academy of Dreams (14 to 18 years)

The foundation of the series, the bulk of the programming occurs during the Academy of Dreams program.  This program is intended for 14 to 18 year old women and is intended to usher young ladies through high school.  Lessons covered include Dream Statements, Planning for the Unexpected, My Future: The Role of Education, and A Healthy Me: Lifestyle Choices.

Academy of Dreams Alumni (18 to 21 years)

The culmination of the series, the Academy of Dreams Alumni program is intended for 18 to 21 year old women and to engage alumni through continued leadership and facilitation activities.  This includes having alumni act as youth mentors, in addition to working side-by-side with program facilitators, helping coach the younger generations though the program.

There is an intentional sequence of evolution in our programming to mirror passage through adolescence.  Commencing with the “Apprentice” program, young ladies are introduced to the material, transitioning over time to the “full”Academy of Dreams program, and eventually graduating into the alumni category where they have the capacity to work alongside professionals as alumni facilitators and youth leaders.  Through the creation of these meaningful transitions, we hope to cultivate a rite of passage for these young ladies, in addition to nurturing a culture of advancement and dream realization.

Through this programming, the Academy is able to support young ladies in choosing education and positive community involvement over early pregnancy and risky behaviors.  Program activities include expanding their vision of the world by site visits, seminars, and the completion of a community service project.  In order to reach the overall program goal of “reducing risks faced by adolescent females” the intended, evidenced-based outcomes of the Academy are to:

  • Increase knowledge and exposure to future professional and academic options;
  • Increase high school graduation rates;
  • Increase understanding of healthy relationships with self and others; and
  • Reduce teen pregnancy rates.

For More Information contact:

Katie Keeler, Program Manager