Our Partners

It’s been said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In our case, it takes multiple organizations to work together to increase the health and well-being within our community. We’ve been very fortunate to develop partnerships with several organizations to do just that. All are committed to work with us to achieve our mutual objectives and goals. Here’s a little bit about them and how we work together to benefit our community.


Loaves & FishesSacramento Loaves & Fishes, founded in 1983, is a private charity whose work is centered on feeding and sheltering the homeless. Sacramento Loaves & Fishes serves more than 500 men, women and children each day, offering them refuge from the streets of Sacramento. Maryhouse, a program of Loaves & Fishes, is a daytime hospitality shelter that offers survival services specifically for homeless women and children.

Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc. has partnered with Maryhouse to further their respective missions of health and wellness and service to those in need in Sacramento. Through this partnership The Center provides women at Maryhouse with STD and pregnancy screening services as well as education on the importance of well-woman care and reproductive health in hopes of creating a healthier Sacramento.  The Center has carefully drafted protocols and procedures to assist both staff and the clients being screened with safe and confidential testing practices, enrollment in to the Family PACT program (which covers the cost of family planning services) and education and referral information as needed.

For more information about Maryhouse, please contact Cyndi Torres or Connie Frank, Co-Directors, at 916-446-4961.


giveLocalNowLogoEvery year, the average Sacramento region household donates 11% less to charity than the average national household. This means reduced services from organizations (like ours) already hit hard by budget cuts.

Through early research, GiveLocalNow discovered that Sacramento regional residents, as a whole, are less likely to give and donate fewer dollars than the national average. In fact, only 62% of households in the Greater Sacramento Region give to charities and only 63% of those donations go to organizations that help those in our communities.

Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc. has partnered with GiveLocalNow because we believe the Greater Sacramento Region can do better— and with your help, we will. GiveLocalNow seeks to educate and inspire our region to give more, give local and give now.

As a local nonprofit, we value all donors, large and small, and thank you for your continued support. We believe that philanthropy is an active process that has benefits for the giver as well as those who receive. Please visit www.givelocalnow.org to find out more about this movement and how you can inspire those around you to engage in local giving.


Cottage Housing Incorporated LogoCottage Housing, Inc.’s mission is to develop healing communities that are solution-focused, participant-driven and strength-based, where homeless people help themselves and each other through their transition from the streets to self-sustainability.

In April 2011, the Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc.’s Leadership and Empowerment Institute for Girls and Young Women partnered with Cottage Housing to launch a 12-week Relationship Series “pilot” program at Serna Village, representing the first installment of a new partnership. A second, comprehensive program commenced in October 2011. Developed for pre-teen and teen girl residents at Serna Village, this program is also open to other participants from the general community.

This program has already made significant impact in the lives of the participants, as well as in their communities and the lives of their families. Through our evidenced-based model, in addition to our unique approach to program facilitation, this partnership has changed the way these young adults feel about themselves, their futures and their life goals. Ultimately, they have demonstrated that through action and cognitive understanding, anything is possible.

As one participant said after the pilot program, “The best part about this program was the whole thing, from start to finish. It helped me build up my self-esteem and helped me be comfortable in my body.”

David Husid, CADCII V.P. of Community Development 1726 Professional Dr. Sacramento, CA 95825 916.971.1566 x12


MO-BIH-LogoCenter for Community Health and Well Being, Inc. (“The Center”), and the County of Sacramento, Department of Health and Human Services’ Black Infant Health Program (“BIH”) have been in partnership since 2009, to improve African American infant and maternal health and decrease health disparities for African American women and infants.

Through their partnership with Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc., BIH provides a 10-week prenatal and a 10-week postpartum group on-site.  BIH utilizes a single, core model that is scientifically sound and designed to address the effects of stress related to social and economic resources and determinants of health in ways that are relevant, culturally affirming and empowering.  Specific objectives are to increase health knowledge and healthy behaviors, empowerment through improved life and coping skills, receipt of quality medical, social and mental health services and bonding between mother and infant.  Additional program objectives are to improve infants’ developmental milestones and parenting.

Sharon Saffold, MSW Program Coordinator (916) 875-6158 www.dhhs.saccounty.net (Go to Public Health and then Programs)



lpc-logo21LPC Consulting Associates, Inc. (“LPC”) has been desiging and implementing evaluation studies of community based services since 1994.

LPC’s philosophy is to use evaluation as a platform for building capacity of nonprofit organizations and public agencies, using data to drive decisions and to integrate systems of accountability for program development and continuous quality improvement.

In August 2010, Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc. (“The Center”) engaged LPC to support their efforts to improve organizational capacity for data collection and tracking of client information for The Center’s clinic, The Birthing Project Clinic.  With seed funding from the Blue Shield of California Foundation and Sutter Memorial Hospital, Sacramento, we accomplished the following:

  • Comprehensive review of all data collection forms and tools already in use by The Birthing Project Clinic for its perinatal patients;
  • Consolidation of forms used for tracking information about patient needs, services provided, and outcomes;
  • Redesign of data collection forms to streamline and use consistent formatting and “look” to reinforce use and value for staff and patients;
  • Identification of the Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) assessment forms as an underutilized resource for tracking patient outcomes;
  • Redesign of the CPSP baseline, reassessment, and final assessment forms, with advisory input from the Sacramento County CPSP Coordinator and the California Department of Public Health, Maternal and Child Health Division (which mandates use of the CPSP assessments for CPSP providers).  Note: The redesigned forms were approved on April 18, 2011 by MCAH and promoted as a model for other clinical providers in Sacramento County; and
  • Design of an Access database to contain patient, services, and outcomes data including the CPSP assessments.Lynne Cannady, President LPC Associates, Inc. 2015 J Street, Suite 205 Sacramento, CA 95811 (916) 448-8026
  • www.lpc-associates.com
  • What began as capacity building initiative expanded exponentially and exceeded our original plan and budget.  Despite this challenge, The Center and LPC continue to pursue this project for the explicit purpose of putting to use data that is already being collected, that is not used for any evaluation purposes, and that represents a vital source of information about how CPSP services impact positive birth outcomes.  In the end the CPSP assessments are used by case managers to respond to the needs of pregnant patients, who are largely low income and/or who need additional support throughout their pregnancy.  The database and reporting we proposed will make this information available for multiple other purposes and for ongoing capacity building and sustainability of the CPSP services.


MAAP, Inc. LogoCenter for Community Health and Well Being, Inc. (“The Center”) and MAAP, Inc. (“MAAP”) have been in partnership since 2011.  Our collective strategy is to offer our respective clients (particularly youth) more comprehensive programs and services.

MAAP’s core purpose is to create a safer and more socially responsible community. They do this by providing counseling and case management assistance to individuals and families experiencing substance abuse, mental illness, and/or post incarceration challenges.  They also provide free youth services for alcohol and drug abuse, relapse prevention, anger and violence alternatives, lifestyle alternatives, self-esteem building, and goal planning.

Through our partnership The Center is already conducting sessions focusing on sex education for their youth participating in the Sacramento Youth Program (SYP) in North Highlands.  MAAP’s SYP helps youth ages 9-17 that are not aware of the dangers of marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs.  These youth are also at high risk of dependence, dropping out of school, behavioral problems, and being arrested.  The SYP has a proven curriculum, methodology, and track record as a child-welfare expert for at-risk youth and their families.

Lorraine Rinker, CEO 4241 Florin Road, Suite 65 Sacramento, CA 95823 916-394-3481



weaveWEAVE is the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County. It is WEAVE’s mission to bring an end to domestic violence and sexual assault in partnership with our community. WEAVE’s vision is a community free of violence and abuse. At WEAVE they believe that crisis intervention services are only part of the solution.

Together with Methodist Hospital of Sacramento, WEAVE, Inc., in October 2011 established the WEAVE Wellness Center of South Sacramento.

The center is a vital asset for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and will house services by the Center for Community Health and Well Being, Inc. who will provide pre and post-natal care to women in need through their clinic, New Beginnings Birth and Wellness Center.

Beth Hassett, Executive Director WEAVE, Inc. 1900 K Street Sacramento, CA 95811 (916) 558-2321 www.weaveinc.org